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I just got back into the game again after another of my month-long hiatuses (hiati?) and decided to start up a new character on a friend's realm. Once again I made another troll shaman named Baluki, because it's my favorite race, favorite class, and favorite name.

I'm considering making this one my new Main, but it all depends on how fast I can level him up, if I can get him to 70 before WLK, if I can stand being on a PvP server, and if I can stand having all 9 of my other characters on another realm.

I really wish I could just get my friend to transfer to my realm, but of course you can't transfer a character from a PvP to a PvE realm. I completely support this rule (PvE servers would turn into nothing but training grounds for people who haven't hit 70 yet, and the PvP servers would be full of 70's and the economies would be totally out of whack) but I just wish I could get it done this one time.
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