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James Brown - Foto Luca d'Agostino\Phocus Agency © 1998 Anybody who’s ever been to the Forge of Souls has probably seen Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls. And anybody with a brain in their head will probably be able to figure out that Bronjahm is really a tribute to James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.

But what’s really cool is just how much work Blizzard put into this boss character. In addition to looking like James Brown and making a lot of James Brown-style noises (“Wabadoooo”) look at his loot tables:

Then, of course, there’s the music that plays when you fight him. If you’re like me and have the music turned off, you probably missed this. Just type it into the game and listen.

/run PlaySoundFile("sound\\music\\zonemusic\\icecrownraid\\ir_BronzeJam.mp3")

I love Blizzard.


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Sometimes, you've just got to kill penguins.

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