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I'm trying to convert my old page template to the new Blogger system. So don't worry if the site looks different, because it's not permanent.

Rynoraxx said...

Mon Dec 04, 07:23:00 PM 2006

i like old backround better w/ bamboo and black backround. but it isnt my call is it? =P NEW PIX!! =D

Bevans said...

Mon Dec 04, 07:37:00 PM 2006

Yea, that's definitely coming back. This one is just temporary until I can figure out how to get the new features to work with my old template. It's a lot of XML stuff that I have no idea how to handle.

Rynoraxx said...
Rynoraxx said...

Thu Dec 07, 07:25:00 PM 2006

Well baluki, as impatient and horrible as i sound. i am a fan and i hope this doesnt wind up like that one time when your school shut down your connection