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Well, I finally hit 60 on my hunter Inebrius. That's not really as huge of an achievement as it once was, but he's the first character I've gotten that far besides Baluki (who is of course 70).

I wouldn't have taken so long if not for the fact that I've lost interest in the class numerous times. And to be honest, hunters aren't very interesting when soloing, once the newness has worn off. All I do is send in my pet, Sting the target, and Arcane Shot when it's ready. Of course, all I do on Baluki when soloing is cast Lightning Bolt over and over, which is probably why I haven't played him in several days.

I've never grouped or PvPed on my hunter either, and those are the two places where you get to REALLY play your class. Then again, if I have time for those things, I'd much rather do them on Baluki. Indeed, there are some skills that I haven't even bothered to purchase yet, like Wing Clip or Frost Trap, because I have almost no reason to use them while soloing.

But I'm looking forward to levelling up my hunter in the future. Steady Shot and Kill Command look like they'll be fun to use, and add some much-needed interactivity to my questing. But once Patch 2.3 hits, I probably won't bother for a while, since I'll be too busy levelling up my Tankadin, Mage, and Priest.
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Revenant said...

Thu Oct 18, 03:14:00 PM 2007

Hey Baluki! You got mentioned at WOWinfo in passing :D

* As Baluki points out in the comments below, Water Shield has other good stuff happening in 2.3, too-- not only does it give more mana, but at the end of a minute, it cashes out everything for you. Very nice.

Bevans said...

Thu Oct 18, 04:27:00 PM 2007

Yep, I think that's the second time that's happened. Hopefully they mention me in their next podcast. :)