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From Dubiosity (my other blog)


Sorry about my absense lately, folks. I've been pretty broke, and so I'm taking a break from WoW.

I'm definitely coming back, of course. If not in the next few weeks, then definitely for WotLK. I'm probably more likely to come back in 2 or 3 weeks.

So, what have I been up to besides that? I've been playing a few other games; I tried out Dungeons & Dragons Online (with the free 10-day trial) and it's pretty cool. Very well made, pretty fun, but it's just not as great as WoW. Or, tabletop D&D. I play D&D with a group of friends every few weeks (when our work schedules line up) for about a year now, and the best part of the game is definitely making fun of your friends and fucking with the DM the whole time. We take turns DMing, so everyone has the chance to be ridiculed.

I also just got a copy of Diablo 2 from a friend to try. Can you believe I've never played it? So far, my favorite character is the Sorceress (who wields Fire, Frost, and Lightning...sound familiar?).

I also got back into class for the summer, which is going well so far. One more quarter after this, and I'll finally have an Associate's degree.