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WoWScrnShot_120608_184046I respecced. To Enhancement.

I know, I've made my reputation on being the foremost expert on the Elemental tree in the game (HA HA HA), but I felt the need to try something different.

And it is pretty fun, even though I run out of mana every 3 kills. And I have rather sad gear. And I'm using two daggers. And I have no Strength. And I'm still using Elemental glyphs. And the way I'm specced will probably cause a lot of experienced Enhancement players to cringe.

The good news is that I'm doing pretty well with it. I kill stuff quickly, and the downtime isn't too bad.

Spirit Wolves are fun, although I wish they also restored mana when you use them. In fact, they're so fun that I wish they were a baseline ability for the entire shaman class.

Yea, this spec definitely has major mana issues (Elemental seems fine...better than fine, in fact). I ignored the recommendations of many players and took Static Shock. It's a fun talent, but unfortunately it looks like Enhance shamans need to have Water Shield up almost constantly. Maybe it's good for PvP, or maybe this is something Blizz needs to fix.

I definitely need to get a couple slow weapons, so I can get bigger numbers out of Stormstrike and Lava Lash. I've heard that a lot of players don't like LL, especially since it necessitates using WF/FT instead of the popular WF/WF, but I wanted to try everything this spec has to offer. If you can't get comparable DPS when using LL, that's obviously another thing Blizz needs to fix.

I'm not going to stick with Enhancement forever, but I'll definitely give it a few weeks to try all the ins and outs.

Eli said...

Mon Dec 08, 09:58:00 PM 2008

Shaman don't use strength as a main stat anymore. We were changed in 3.0 to get one attack power from strength, agility, and int if you spec for it. So, no need to worry about that.

I found that I was running out of mana a lot while leveling, but that went away once I got some heroic/badge gear. I only ever run out with shamanistic rage down when I'm healing a lot.

Lava lash is great. It gives you a huge DPS boost for just one talent point. Using flametongue isn't necessary as it will give you more consistent windfury procs. The DPS for using either encahnt is about the same anyway.

Wed Mar 11, 08:36:00 AM 2009

Fist weapons guy, you need slow fist weapons for the maximum fun on enh.