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Not much to tell. I participated in my first kill in Naxxramas today. We downed Anub'Rekhan, which the guild has been doing for several weeks now, but I finally got a chance today.

I don't really know what was going on. The tanks had him completely under control, so all I did were the things always do in a fight: heal, drop totems, and lag.

Oh, and apparently there's a...ahem...bug with the bug model. He's probably the coolest-looking character in the game, but right now he shows up as being entirely black.

Hey, if anyone at Blizzard reads this, the Draenor server REALLY needs some attention. I got disconnected at least 8 times tonight (we did BWL too), and since the new patch was released, I've been getting numerous DC's each night. Never had it happen more than once a month previously.

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Sacribleu said...

Mon Sep 04, 07:19:00 PM 2006


Hello there! my name is Sacribleu i play a dwarf hunter on the dragonmaw server (or as we inhabatents call it "Lag-onmaw") i have ben a fan and have checked daily for posts eversince you made the post of you on the Ballista outside SW (i googled "ballista" for a school project)i would just like to say I am a HUGE fan (if not the biggest) and that your blog is Always a good laugh for when i am bored out of my skull. I wanted to say Keep up the Good work and maybe you could give some advice for when i start a shaman when teh expansion comes out. i plan on calling him "Shammunition" Best of luck!