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I'm trying something new. I'm putting the text BEFORE the pictures. It's CRAZINESS!

Tonight was my first raid since I got back from my unwanted hiatus. I was going to wait a couple more days, but the guild needed me, so I was only too happy to oblige.

And they threw me at C'Thun himself! They've been working on him for a week or two now, and this is the first time they've gotten to Phase 2! I didn't get to see the inside of C'Thun's stomach, unfortunately, but the rest was pretty sweet. It's by far the most original boss fight in the game (excluding Naxx...I haven't been in there yet so I wouldn't know what it's like).

Here's what he's got: tentacles that toss you around, eyestalks that Mind Flay, a big-ass chained Green Eye Beam that doubles in strength with each person it hits (I've seen it hit for over 10 million damage), a RED eye beam that sweeps the entire room and kills anyone in its path, and that's just Phase One (just the Eye of C'Thun). Phase Two (the whole body) is similar to Phase One, but there are also different tentacles, and MOUTHS that will SWALLOW you. When you're swallowed, you actually go down inside his stomach, and you can either attack him from the inside (while being digested) or find the springy part that will throw you back out.


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