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Baluki Jr.

on Thursday, April 12, 2007


I made a new shaman on another server so I could play with a RL friend of mine. He's exactly the same as Baluki, except his hair is orange, and he's going to be Enhance-specced.

I'm thinking about trying to convince my RL friend to transfer to Draenor so I don't have to start over on all 9 of my characters. If that happens, I'll probably transfer Baluki Jr. to Draenor. Of course, I'll need a new name for him... I don't want to use "Balukijr", so maybe he'll be "Balukii" (with the 2 I's representing "II"). Or maybe Baluuki, like a Star Wars clone.

Actually, this is the third Baluki. The first died with the Beta, and reached the ripe old age of lvl. 15. The second is the one you all know and love.
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