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14,000 mana
You and your party members receive extra agility, strength, spell damage, spell crit, spell hit, and resistance to fire, nature, and frost spells. Also restores health. Also reduces melee and ranged damage taken. Also periodically absorbs one harmful spell, causes damage to nearby enemies, breaks fear & sleep effects, removes poison and disease, causes your weapons to do additional damage, reduces your threat to enemies, slows nearby enemies, and taunts nearby enemies. Will also summon a Molten Elemental to protect you.
Lasts 2 minutes. Has 5 hit points.
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Scott said...

Tue Apr 24, 05:48:00 PM 2007

You don't have enough mana to cast it...

Julien said...

Mon Apr 30, 04:26:00 PM 2007


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