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I've decided to take another break from WoW. Might just be a couple weeks, might be a month or two. I came to the end of another subscription cycle and, besides being broke, I decided that I don't really have any reason to keep on playing right now.

I still have fun levelling my alts, but I don't have any reason to keep working on Baluki. It's hard finding groups (and the time) for dungeons, which is my favorite part of the game. I don't really like to PvP, and to top it all off, my guild is basically defunct and I don't feel like starting with a new one right now. I also don't feel like grinding; this is a game, and I shouldn't have to do tedious, boring stuff.

Maybe in a few months, Blizz will have some improvements in place.

  • Shamans (and off-specs in general) still need a lot of work. Blizz really needs to open their eyes and realize that hybrids aren't really hybrids when they've specced 41 points into a tree.
  • Jewelcrafting needs improvement. I can only pop out 5g gems for so long, and I don't feel like spending 400g on new designs. And where the hell are more fist weapon designs?
  • The end-game needs to be more accessible. They need to make Normal modes for the raid dungeons, because I want to see all the cool stuff end-game has to offer, but I've quit hardcore raiding for good.
My most interesting characters now are my Mage and my Paladin (and maybe my Priest). I just got my Hunter into Outland and realized that I have no interest in continuing with him; every single fight is the same: Hunter Mark -> Pet Attack -> Sting -> Arcane -> Auto-attack. Yawn.

I really hope that Blizz is able to breathe new life into the game sometime soon. I don't want to have to wait for the next expansion.

And is it just me, or does it seem like a whole lot of long-time players are quitting?

Anonymous said...

Tue Jun 19, 06:58:00 PM 2007

Oh dear sweet Baluki I feel your pain. The BC really trashed the game and a lot of people have quit playing or moved servers. I had such high hopes for the guild but as soon as people got keyed they moved on. Enjoy the break hopefully things will be better when you get back.

/love ya

Micau said...

Mon Jun 25, 04:43:00 AM 2007

yes, TBC fucked casuals, all you gotta do is get some nice gear, do instances and stuff... then start doing heroics.

the problem with TBC is the time.. you gotta do a ton of stuff quick enough to be in a good guild, if you cant run heroics you suck, if you dont have a good arena rating you suck.

its not about greens, blues or epics now, its about what you can do.

the problem is not getting keyed...
everyone started WAY too soon, i took my time leveling got my shaman to 70 and then my rogue.

after the shaman fucked up i started playing more with my rogue
after they nerf the rogues i dunno what to do x_X fuck this game.