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Something goofy happened to me. For a couple days, I could see chests. In Azeroth, chests are a common thing to see. You fight your way to them, loot them, and get some decent stuff sometimes.

But Blizzard decided not to add chests to Outland. Or so I thought. It looks to me like they had them placed, but then just toggled them off instead of completely removing them.

Somehow, I was able to see the chests. Nobody I've talked to has seen any. You can see that they're not meant to be seen, because they don't even have proper loot tables. Even in a lvl. 70 area like Skettis, they give you lvl. 30-40 appropriate loot. I saw 2 in Skettis and one in Oshu'gun.

So, how was I able to see them? And why can't I anymore? My best guess is that it was caused by the potion that Greatmother Geyah gave me (which is part of a questline that you can only access once you've finished all the other quests in Nagrand) that allowed me to see certain "spirits". I can always see them anyway, thanks to my Second Sight helm, but maybe when you have both the seeing potion (which didn't show any buff at all) and the Second Sight helm, it causes some goofy stuff.

Who knows. It seems to be gone now.
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