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On my trip to the Exodar, I found a lvl. 10 Blood Elf Rogue just as I got off the boat. He wanted me to help him find a Blood Elf Bandit Mask, which makes you look like you wrapped your face in a red towel. He apparently thought it looked pretty neat, and since it's one of the very first head-slot items you can get in the game, he decided that he had to have one.

The problem is that it drops from a single mob that randomly spawns SOMEWHERE on Azuremyst Isle. And it has a 9% drop rate once you find the mob. Not good odds. This guy wanted me to help him track it down. He seemed to think that he only spawned in front of one tree, but I humored him and followed him to the tree, where of course there was nothing.

Just for fun, I decided to run around and try to find it anyway. Naturally, I could cover more ground on my epic mount with riding crop than he could on his...feet. I wasn't sure if I would give it to him if by some miraculous chance I actually found it, or keep it for myself. After about 5 minutes, I gave up and ported away when he wasn't looking.

However, the rogue seemed to think that I had promised him a mask or something. He fully expected me to buy one on the AH (which I was going to do before his sense of entitlement kicked in) or go back to Azuremyst and farm for it for him.

And he kept at it too. He kept asking if I had his mask yet, so I blocked him. So who knows what happened to him. I do know that he had somehow destroyed his hearthstone.
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Jon Hanks said...

Sat Sep 08, 09:43:00 PM 2007

You've gotta love newbies especially the ones who figure out how to trash their hearthstone.