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This is sort of my "wish list" of spells and abilities I'd like to see shamans get when Wrath of the Lich King is released. Never mind if they're overpowered.

EDITED: Jan. 29 2008 & Feb. 10 2008

NEW: Chilling Winds
A true warlock-style DoT. The target takes X frost damage over 15 seconds (could be the first Frost-based DoT). Additionally, their attack and casting speed is slowed by 10%. This is something that would help shamans be a little more useful in groups. Probably would need a 5-second cooldown so you can't just DoT up everything you see.

Tricky Totems
Your totems cause an opposite affect to enemies within range. For example, Strength of Earth would cause nearby enemies to have 77 less strength. Healing Stream would cause 20 dmg to enemies as well as 20 health to party members. Mana Stream (or Mana Tide) would leech mana. Earthbind could give allies a speed boost. Obviously this wouldn't work with stuff like WF, Magma, Stoneclaw, etc.

Totemic Detonation
The currently-selected totem explodes, giving half its bonus as a 10-minute buff to every party (or perhaps even raid) member in the totem's range. 2-minute cooldown. Might also need a reagent. This would be another good way to give some much-needed portability to our buffs, and also to allow shamans to give their group a little extra "oomph" in the right area. It would also allow you to effectively have four and a half totem buffs at once, instead of four. Damaging totems and certain others (Grounding, Earthbind, Stoneclaw, Sentry) would not be eligible for "detonation".

Lightning Storm
Kinda like a mix between Cone of Cold, Arcane Missiles, and Star Wars Force Lightning. It should be channelled, maybe for 4 seconds or something, but instead of hitting one target, it hits all targets in a cone in front of the caster. This would give us an interesting type of AOE that Elemental shamans could really use. While channelling, your character should strike a Palpatine-like pose, and possibly scream "POWAH! ABSOLUTE POWAH!" See screenshot above.

Ethereal Form
A WC3 spell that hasn't made it into WoW yet. It should probably be an Elemental talent. When activated, reduces all incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds, reduces threat by 20%, and increases spell damage by 10%. 2 or 3-min cooldown.

Molten Blast
A re-imagined version of a spell we had in Beta. A 4-second cast nuke. 15-second cooldown. Causes a debuff to the target that causes LB and CL to cause Fire damage instead of Nature for 15 seconds. This would give us a nice mage-like nuke, and also give Elemental a way to actually cause damage to nature-immune mobs.

Of course I want a REAL form of CC, and NOT one tied to a totem. This is essential; nobody wants to group with a DPS player without CC. This would just turn the target into a frog (or maybe a random tropical creature) for a certain amount of time. It should last about 15 seconds, probably have a 15-sec cooldown, so it can be cast over and over. Maybe each race could turn the target into a different animal.

Totemic Recall
Transports your currently-active totems to your current location, refreshing their durations (if they're normal 2-min totems). 10-second cooldown. If no totems are active, summons your previous 4 totems used (one for each totem type, of course). This gives us a way to deal with the increasingly-mobile fights in the game, and also gets rid of the annoying 6-seconds-of-dropping that we have to do every time a fight starts, and every 2 mins after that. Mana cost should be directly tied to how much the totems cost, and how much time they have left.

Spirit Wolf
We shamans have been bitching about this one for years. My version would be a wolf that lasts for 15 seconds, 1 min cooldown, that attacks the currently-selected target and has a 25% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds each time it does damage. For extra fun, it could be invulnerable and cause a lot of threat, so it could be a 15-second tank (and get rid of Stoneclaw if it's implemented).

More Chaining!
How about new talents that let our Chain Lightning and Chain Heal jump more than 3 times? Or maybe give them a decent chance to split and hit TWO targets on the next jump? So, the possibility of hitting 7 targets, or 3 targets multiple times. It should still decrease jump-for-jump at the same rate. OR! Maybe it could add a chaining effect to our other Lightning and Healing spells. Remember the 8-piece bonus for Earthfury? Like that.

I'll add more as I think of them.

N. E. Miller said...

Mon Feb 04, 12:33:00 AM 2008

I LOVE THOSE IDEAS! Here's keeping my fingers crossed!

Asirae said...

Sun Feb 10, 11:28:00 PM 2008

Very nice indeedy.

You know the Death Knight will not be the only Hero Class, Blizzard always tries to ‘balance’ things and only 1 or 2 hero classes will just not be equal to all the hardcore altaholics out there, so I wanted to write down my thoughts on Wrath of the Lich King especially focusing on Hero Classes. Since there will be some siege warfare in the next expansion, I’ve tried to give some mass units control to the Hero Classes. Here’s a list of possible Hero Classes derived from the base class (ordered by the most likely to I-really-can’t-decide).

Class - Hero Class - Abilities

Paladin - Death Knight - Damage dealing tank caster, short range AoE

Priest - Prophet - Heals with near unlimited range, Mass Heal

Mage - Arch Mage - Mass Teleport, Mass Polymorph, Mass Summon Elementals

Shaman - Farseer - Ghostwolf pets *cough cc* maybe to snare a target into the ghost world aka Banish (only works on the living), Wind Walking stealth, mass Bloodlust\heroism

Druid - Arch Druid - Starfall, Giant tree of massive damage w/zero movement

Rogue - Warden - Blink and short range Fanstrike AoE

Warlock - Necromancer - Death and Decay, Mass Demon Summon, Shadow Volley

Warrior - Guardian/Champion /shrug if I know - Mirror Image, Spellbreaker

Hunter - Ranger - Mass Tame Pets, Track Target Until Death, Freezing Shot

Mir said...

Wed May 21, 06:25:00 AM 2008

Several interesting ideas here, some of them very good :)

While the immobility of totems and our lack of proper CC are some of the biggest problems with the shaman class, I feel that they are defining the class in such a way that giving us such skills would take something away from the class rather than add to it. My image of the shaman is that while we're very independent in some aspects, for example being able to heal/res, we are also _supposed_ to be dependent on other classes for certain things, such as CC. The shaman is a group class, more than anything else, and I'd rather prefer if it stayed that way. Instead, what I would like to see is even better totem buffs!