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Those of you with better-than-average powers of observation may have noticed the new ad boxes on the left, under the TOC. And there boxes under the first three posts of any given page.

So, what do you think? Are they too flashy, not flashy enough? Can you ignore them if you want to? (I'm aiming for "yes".)

I'm trying to make a little money selling adspace here, since I'm currently dead broke (I'll probably have a week or two this month without WoW). I've been doing the boring Google ads for a while now, but I just added the new Project Wonderful ads on the left yesterday. Those ads will probably be much more interesting, since those are paid for with a bidding system. Right now, a single penny will get you a box on this blog for a little while, but hopefully it'll go up eventually.

So yea, let's hear some thoughts.

Own said...

Mon Jan 07, 02:02:00 PM 2008

Not flashy at all, its your blog, do what you want to do with it (:
some say that a web site without adds is kinda useless if you cant get any profit from it.
some of my friends visit your blog, we loved the vids O.o lol.
you should do more (: maybe that will lure more people to your blog! (: