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Are you one of those people who likes to switch back and forth between Windowed and Full-Screen mode? I know I am. I like to use Windowed mode while soloing, so I can surf the net, watch my newsfeeds, and put on a little DS9. But when it's time for dungeons or PvP, I prefer Fullscreen because it gives me better framerates.

You can go in to the Options menu and do it, or you can just use this handy macro. Click it once and it'll switch you to whichever mode you're not already in. Pretty handy.

/script SetCVar("gxWindow",1-GetCVar("gxWindow")) RestartGx()

Anonymous said...

Wed May 21, 08:46:00 AM 2008

What about just pressing Alt-Enter (or Command-M on a Mac) and skip the whole macro thing? :-)

Tehundo@exodar eu said...

Thu Apr 16, 05:01:00 PM 2009

alt-enter doesn't work on windows as command - m on mac. I use both versions so this "inhability" of windows dissapoints me

Thx a lot baluki :D

Anonymous said...

Sun Apr 26, 09:42:00 AM 2009

What about not posting info that doesn't pertain to WINDOWED mode and skip the whole off-topic posting thing? :-)