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I'd like to say a few things about the Google ads that appear on this site.

If you don't know how Google ads work, let me explain. Basically, the ads contain a little script that reads the text of my blog, which lets it decide which of the millions of ads in Google's database are most relevant to display.

But on to my point.

First, since this site is about World of Warcraft, it makes sense that there are WoW-related ads being displayed. This is fine, except that some of them are for gold-selling and powerlevelling sites. I do not in any way endorse those sites. People who buy gold and powerlevelling services are directly supporting the people who create keyloggers and hijack accounts.

Do you know anyone who has ever had their account hacked/stolen? It's because they accidentally got a keylogger on their system, or gave their password to somebody (like a powerlevelling service). Once an account is stolen, typically the thief sells all their gear on all their characters, then sends all the gold to someone else, who then sells it via a gold-selling site. THAT is how it works now.

I've tried to filter out as many of these sites as I can, but there are so many that it's impossible, so I've stopped trying. I recommend you check out for more info.

Secondly, since this site is frequently about the Shaman class, there are often ads about real-life shamanism (if it can indeed be called that) and spiritual healing, and all that. That stuff is pure nonsense, and I really hope nobody takes it seriously.

Stick with real medicine. Talk to your doctor. It's not that the scientific community refuses to take alternative medicines seriously, it's that they have already conducted testing that proved the stuff worthless, and have long since moved on. Alternative medicines & techniques are a scam, nothing more. I recommend checking out sites like Science-Based Medicine.

So there ya go. Getting off my soapbox now...