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on Sunday, May 18, 2008

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A while ago, I added the Project Wonderful ad box you can see on the left. Since then, I've made a whopping $2.

So, I've decided to put those two dollars into getting the word out about this blog by placing ads on other WoW-related web sites. Gotta spend money to make money, you know.

At this moment, I've placed 4 ads on 4 different sites. I'm paying them 0-5 cents per day (depending on how popular the site is) for one week. Hopefully my investment of a whopping 35 cents will pay off in increased traffic and, ideally, more ad revenue for me. We'll see.

Oh. Here are the simple ads I created, which should be showing up on the aforementioned sites. They're also useful if you want to link to me.

Argh, looks like I need to change the background color on one of them.

Kestrel said...

Sat May 31, 06:06:00 PM 2008

A couple questions:

1. Are you familiar with Blog Azeroth?

2. Are you familiar with Entrecard?

The first is a loose organization of WoW Bloggers; one thing we do, and do well, is promote each other's blogs.

The second is one of the tools we use to do so: It's free, easy, and an excellent way to get your site seen by the larger WoW community.