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About a week ago, I decided I was ready for a change with my mage Trellan (who's currently 56, but was 54 at the time). He's been full Frost from the beginning, but I felt like trying out a Fire spec. So I traded in my durable, CC-endowed, AOE powerhouse frost spec for a glass cannon fire spec. How do I like it?

Well, it's ok. The damage output is nice, and the fact that you can kill stuff really quickly is fun, but I spent too much time eating and drinking between fights. And, it's pretty bad for fighting more than one opponent.

The fire spells seem kinda weird to me, too. Pyroblast is a great opener, but after that I don't know what to do besides keep firing off fireballs. What is Scorch for? Blast Wave confuses me, and Flamestrike is just difficult to use. As for the rest of the talents, I just don't "get" them.

So, clearly being Fire-specced isn't my thing; I went back to Frost. Maybe I'll try Arcane the next time I want to try something different, perhaps once I have Arcane Blast at 64.

By the way, I'll gladly accept any tips and explanations for making the most of a Fire Mage. I'm always willing to try again.

Nick S. said...

Fri Jul 11, 04:13:00 PM 2008

flamestrike, sad to say, is junk. don't use it.

arcane explosion is ALWAYS better than flamestrike, and even for a fire mage blizzard is sometimes superior.

for my mage, when stuck in fire spec, i'd open with pyroblast, then use scorch or fireball, depending on how much health the mob had left after the initial whammo.

in my opinion? stay frost. you can PvP as 17/0/44, dps in 5-mans as 10/0/51, or drop raid-worthy bombs as 40/0/21. fire is nice, but it's not *better* for anything except (arguably) ultra-high-end raiding.

Bevans said...

Fri Jul 11, 07:46:00 PM 2008

Yea, I did actually go back to Frost after a couple levels. It's just too damn fun, and there's so much synergy amongst the spells and talents. I'm up to 68 now.

I've been thinking about respeccing to Arcane just to try it, but I'm specialized in Shadoweave Tailoring. Not that that's much of a hindrance, of course.