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That's 3

on Wednesday, May 07, 2008



Well, I got my third character to Outland. Aellsa, my Blood Elf Paladin, is now 60 and tearing up Hellfire Peninsula on her new SuperChicken. She joins Baluki (70 shaman) and Inebrius (68 hunter) on the shattered world.

I recently wrote a post about changing her spec from Prot (which she had been from 20 to 57) to Ret, and even though some people suggested that I respec her to Holy (which sounds like a terrible way to solo level) I did in fact go Ret.

Man, I sure am levelling up a lot faster. I knew that Protadin multi-mob tank-grinding was slower than going Ret, but I didn't know how much slower. Not only is Ret faster, but it's also a lot more fun. I still plan to go back to Prot when I hit 70, but until then Ret is my spec of choice.

I really thought that my mage Trellan would be my next character to hit Outland, because I've been playing him a lot lately. I guess I got kinda frustrated with my paladin, though that problem was solved by going Ret. I also respecced my mage to Fire (from Frost) and I'm surprised by how much faster my killing with him is too.

I'm pretty sure my mage will be the next to hit Outland, since he's lvl. 55 right now. My warlock is lvl. 50, but I haven't played her at all for months, except to disenchant stuff and make potions.

After her, my next character is Abscondius, my rogue, who's only 35. Haven't played him in a long time either. Then there's my shadow priest Sallas at 29, my drood Spamfire at 20, my warrior Oroc at 18, and my other shaman Rogahn at 14 (who will probably be deleted in favor of a Death Knight if Blizz doesn't increase the characters-per-server cap).